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Audio and Video Interactive System Used for Remote Interaction and Video Conferencing
Kiloview audio and video interactive system is composed of two or more embedded terminal devices with easy installation and networking which is automatically discovered between terminals. Various physical audio and video signals, network audio and video signals and others can be combined without MCU, and realize the business functions of multi-party audio and video interaction, video storage, watermark overlay, and live streaming in the multi-screen split mode. With the in-depth development of Internet technology, multi-party audio and video interactive scenes such as medical demonstration, remote consultation, interactive teaching, video conferencing, and interactive program production are the hottest topics at the moment. How to conduct audio and video interaction in real-time, smoothly and quickly on a global scale has become a top priority for these industries to improve user experience, smoothly go overseas, and expand global business.
Case Study - Video Transmission Protocol GB28181’s Conversion Solution
Support 50-channel RTSP, 36-channel SRT/RTMP stream concurrent. It can be used as a distributed live server, and suitable for live broadcast occasions such as courseware/conference/program/digital sign; Conventional RTSP can only support up to 10 people to watch, MG300 video gateway can realize 50 users to watch online.
Solution of NVR Equipment Video Source to Monitoring Center
With the promotion of networking and high-definition trends, NVR network video recorders are widely used in the security surveillance market. NVR is not only a network video recorder, but also has storage and switching functions. NVR recorders are equivalent to a whole picture. However, the NVR does not have the transmission function. If the video source of multiple NVR devices is to be monitored and managed in a unified manner, the video transmission equipment needs to be used in conjunction.
RTSP/UDP/RTMP Protocol Conversion Gateway - Streaming Media Distribution Solution
Video protocol gateways usually convert protocol between network areas that use different protocols. Video gateways are also called protocol converters. Video gateways have a wide range of application scenarios. If you need to convert RTSP/Onvif and other LAN monitoring or other IP-Camera video to RTMP Internet live broadcast such as scenic spot monitoring live broadcast, gourmet shop monitoring live broadcast, campus monitoring live broadcast, breeding factory monitoring live broadcast, etc. or the monitoring protocol needs to be transferred to the GB-T28181 public security network. (Connecting traditional surveillance such as residential areas, parks, enterprises and institutions to the Skynet system of the Ministry of Public Security, etc.) or converting protocols such as SRT/RTSP/UDP/RTMP/HLS into SRT/RTSP/RTMP, etc.
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New product preview| Multi-protocol IP decoder - D600 All-round 4K decoder
D600 all-round decoder is the most multifunctional and widely used embedded hardware decoding device of Kiloview. Support various NDI and H.265/H.264 video stream decoding, 4K UHD video resolution, and multi-image splitting. Moreover, it also supports the conversion of other network protocols into FULL NDI video streams to facilitate the joining of various video streams to the NDI system.
How to Start a Professional Live Stream on Facebook with Kiloview Encoders (Detailed Steps)
If you want to do a high-definition and high-quality live stream on Facebook with your own camera featuring ultra low latency, you can go with these steps.