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About Us

Kiloview Provides Encoding for Livestream Held by Chinese Government in September, 2020
Kiloview provides encoding for livestream held by government - One main stage and 6 remote stages with 30 Kiloview E series encoders and D300 NDI|HX decoders working to connect the venues.
New function | Stream ID function of the SRT encoder
SRT transmission across network requires a public IP. When you need to send multiple SRT media streams to the same SRT receiver, one way is to do multiple port forwarding under the same IP address (one port corresponds to one stream).Today, I will introduce you another way - the Stream ID function, namely, setting a port under the same IP address, and then configure a different Stream ID (one ID corresponds to one stream), so you can achieve “multiple sending and one receiving”.
New function | NDI Discovery Server Function for NDI Converters
The NDI discovery server function is a discovery mechanism that is different from the NDI automatic discovery function. It supports NDI centralized registration discovery and cross-network segment discovery. After the specified NDI source and receiver are registered to the NDI discovery server, this part of the NDI source will only appear in the list of registered receivers (not in the list of all receivers), and NDI sources across network segments will also be discovered and connected by the receiving end, which makes up for the lack of NDI automatic discovery function that does not support cross-network discovery.
New Function | Preset Function for Kiloview encoders
I guess you guys may find it bothered to restore the factory settings when the product fails or when you have to reconfigure parameters for a new product. This time we have added a new feature to ease your worries. I believe it can save you a lot of time by setting up the parameters of one device, saving the configuration file and importing the file to other devices. Later soon I will also perform this function for you - detailed steps for configuration.
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New product preview| Multi-protocol IP decoder - D600 All-round 4K decoder
D600 all-round decoder is the most multifunctional and widely used embedded hardware decoding device of Kiloview. Support various NDI and H.265/H.264 video stream decoding, 4K UHD video resolution, and multi-image splitting. Moreover, it also supports the conversion of other network protocols into FULL NDI video streams to facilitate the joining of various video streams to the NDI system.
How to Start a Professional Live Stream on Facebook with Kiloview Encoders (Detailed Steps)
If you want to do a high-definition and high-quality live stream on Facebook with your own camera featuring ultra low latency, you can go with these steps.