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How to convert video to ip stream for live broadcasting?

How to convert video to ip stream for live broadcasting?


Nowadays, live broadcasting is very common to see, it has been widely used in conferences, distance learning, commercial meeting and more applications. Then how to conduct a live broadcast? Below, we will introduce you the steps of convert video to IP stream with Kiloview H.264 HD encoders.  

First of all, you need a camera to capture the content you want to broadcast. And transmit them to the Kiloview G2 encoders over the network. Usually, the network transmission takes three choices: wired Ethernet, wireless WiFi and 4G-Lte network. Then encoders will convert HDMI to IP stream through network.

In the process of converting HDMI into IP streams, since the original video is too large to transmit, the network transmission speed is limited, to ensure real-time live broadcast. The encoder adopt H.264 video encoding profile to convert HDMI to IP streams.

Besides, to push to the remote server, in addition to the network, the encoder and server side also need to support the corresponding TCP / IP protocol, the current protocol for live webcast is mainly RTMP real-time message transmission protocol, based on TCP, is a Protocol family, including RTMP basic protocols and RTMPT/RTMPS/RTMPE and many other variants. It is mainly used for audio, video and data communication between the Flash/AIR platform and the streaming/interactive server supporting the RTMP protocol. Compared with the HTTP web page transmission protocol, this RTMP streaming media transmission protocol has better stability and can support long-time live broadcast without interruption. Therefore, any live encoder will have the RTMP protocol.

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