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5G Solution for Multi-card 4G Bonding Encoder Upgrading

5G Solution for Multi-card 4G Bonding Encoder Upgrading


5G has arrived. Compared with 4G, 5G has the characteristics of ultra-high network speed, ultra-low latency, and ultra-wide connection. With the efforts of technological innovation, 5G+4K is the most efficient 4K ultra-high-definition video transmission based on 5G network. The 5G data transmission rate can reach up to 10Gbit/s, which provides faster and clearer solutions in audio and video transmission applications.


5G+4K applications include broadcast and television production, game entertainment events and other webcasts, education and medical live broadcasts, public security surveillance, corporate marketing news events and emergencies webcasts, surveillance inspections, corporate training network transmission marketing. Under the environment, we can use 4K ultra-high-definition equipment for multiplexing.


But what are the differences between 4G and 5G?

Take Kiloview 4G Converged Encoder as an example,

1. H.265 encoding, lower bit rate, lower bandwidth occupation;

2. 4-channel 4G link aggregation providing bandwidth and reliability guarantee;

3. Built-in battery with no power connection required;

4. Provide free server software;

5. Israel OmniStream supporting terminal with advanced aggregation transmission service solution;


Product Features:

1. Support WiFi sharing hotspot, not only video, but other devices can also share aggregation link to transmit data;

2. Support dual stream output, the main bit rate supports video encoding up to 1080p60Hz, and the sub-stream supports 720p60Hz video encoding, which can be streamed to 16 live broadcast platforms at the same time;

3. Light weight and easy to carry (only 400g), which can be installed in cold shoes of the camera;

4. Active heat dissipation design, adapt to outdoor high temperature or scorching sun operating conditions, stable and reliable operation.


As there are differences between 5G module and 4G module hardware, this hardware version does not directly support 5G upgrades. If you need to use 5G products, you need to purchase a 5G video encoder product of the same form. 2. Support users to customize 5G leased line solutions, such as customized purchase of Kiloview 5G leased line codec, and the use of Unicom's 5G leased line network at the same time, which can fundamentally solve the problem of mobile application network congestion.