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Benefits of live streaming with a video camera

Benefits of live streaming with a video camera

How to use the camera to do a live show and what are advantages?


1. How to broadcast with the camera:

First of all, we need to prepare a camera with SDI or HDMI signal interface. As the camera does not have Internet access function, we need to have a video encoder to connect to the camera, and then video recording through the camera. The video is wirelessly transmitted to the server in the live broadcast via the video encoder. Then, in the live background, the push stream address is obtained, and the content of the camera lens can be transmitted to the network for live viewing through a computer or a mobile phone.


2. Advantages when using a camera to do a live show:

The professional camera live broadcast is clear and smooth, with less jitter and stable shooting.


3. Applications when using a camera to do a live show:

Professional camera live broadcast is suitable for live webcasts of commercial media, wedding live broadcasts, live conferences, live events, online live broadcasts, etc.


4. The choice of video encoder in live broadcast:

The function of the video encoder is to compress and encode the audio and video signals collected by the front camera device, transmit them to the server on the back end through the network, and decode and play them by the corresponding decoding software or hardware decoding device.


As a professional manufacturer of high-definition video codecs, Kiloview has concentrated on the advantages of the previous video compression standard H.264 video compression algorithm, and has absorbed the experience accumulated in the standard formulation. It independently supports 1080P/67 frames. The high-definition audio and video codec adopts a dedicated video processing chip to further improve the compression ratio of the video codec through the innovation of architecture and algorithm under the premise of ensuring that the quality of the high-definition video is not affected, so that the video end is enabled. The end transmission delay is less than or equal to 2 frames (eg less than 35ms at 60fps). Thereby alleviating bottlenecks in video processing delay and rate control.