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Case Study - Video Transmission Protocol GB28181’s Conversion Solution

Case Study - Video Transmission Protocol GB28181’s Conversion Solution

Case Study - Video Transmission Protocol GB28181’s Conversion Solution


Application scenario

In Sichuan Province,China. In a school installed with hundreds of cameras, the images/videos shot by cameras needed to be streamed/pushed to public security system - it’s RTSP protocol in school’s monitoring system while the public security only support GB-T28181. A media gateway converter is needed to transfer RTSP to GB-T28181.


Project requirements:

1. Compatible with various network cameras;

2. Capable of storage function;

3. Multiple users could visit;



Kiloview’s MG300 media gateway converter converts the monitoring images in campus into GB-T28181 format via its protocol conversion function and connects to the public security network. At the same time, it can simultaneously send a single RTSP video stream of the campus network to 50 classrooms.





Embedded Media Gateway

Main functions of MG300 media gateway:


1. Support protocol conversion function:

Support SRT/RTSP/UDP/RTMP/HLS and more to be converted to SRT/RTSP/RTMP protocol. Support NDI/SIP/ GB-T28281 protocol conversion;

For example, it is a good choice for you to switch from regular protocol or LAN monitoring to public security system or SIP system.


2. Multi-channel decoding split screen

Support 9 channels of 1080P30 (8 channels of 1080P60) video simultaneous decoding and split display, dynamic switching; support UHD (4K)/HD H.264/H.265 video decoding;

This MG300 video gateway also decodes the output video. For example, 4, 6 or 9 different split-screen pictures, which are combined into a stream via the video gateway and then launched to the live broadcast platform.


3. Concurrent multiple video streams

Support 50-channel RTSP, 36-channel SRT/RTMP stream concurrent. It can be used as a distributed live server, and suitable for live broadcast occasions such as courseware/conference/program/digital sign;

Conventional RTSP can only support up to 10 people to watch, MG300 video gateway can realize 50 users to watch online.


4. Video recording and storage

USB expandable SATA storage; support NAS network storage.