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Chinese CEO Sold Online by Live Streaming with $98 Million/3Hrs

Chinese CEO Sold Online by Live Streaming with $98 Million/3Hrs





Chinese CEOs started online selling via live streaming with breaking records.

After Luo Yonghao, Smartisan's CEO started his first live show selling goods on Chinese Tik Tok on April 1 - a new record with 48 million people watching and $15 Million sales in 3 hours, Dong Mingzhu, the chairman of Gree Group, started three live showing dealings online sales as well, with another new breaking record of $98 Million in 3 hours - with $141 million altogether in three live shows!  "We want to boost domestic demand now, and I hope to use live broadcast to promote sales, which seems to bring a new market." Said she.




Chinese CEO realized that it's important to build interaction between the brand and customers.

Even Dong's first live streaming show was with flaws - big latency in image and sound (See what improves video transmitting latency), She realized the importance of the interaction between live broadcasts and consumers. She even expressed her intention to open a Dong Mingzhu live broadcast room to start more live broadcasts. With a live broadcast trending, many CEOs came to live broadcasts - compared to social media influencers, the CEOs who enter the live broadcast room have higher credibility, and each of them is a IP, which is strong in commercial effect.


Except Dong, Liang Jianzhang, the chairman of Ctrip(China’s top tourism company), did his first live broadcast in the underwater suite of Sanya Atlantis Hotel on March 23, creating over $1.4 million hotel sales that night. Since then, he has been broadcasting around the national attractions with a total of 7 live broadcasts a month, leading to sales of $28 million in tourism products.

Liang Jianzhang, CEO of Ctrip, doing live streaming show to drive sales in Tourism Indursty.


In addition to Dong Mingzhu and Liang Jianzhang, Chen Xiaodong, Intime Shopping Mall’s CEO, Hou Yi, FreshHema(Alibaba’s ’s CEO , Li Jing’s Mendale Group and other corporate executives began live streaming in the live room.

Even for telecommunications companies such as China Unicom, the general managers of 31 provincial branches across the country formed a "Goods Selling Superstar" on the World Telecommunication Day. Multiple platforms are also promoting the live broadcast of goods by city and county heads and promoting local specialty agricultural products.




During Cronovirus/Epidemic, CEOs' promotion on live streaming is a selling mode as well as a brand marketing.

Live streaming featuring selling goods is a new word in China, which has been promoted by Chinese influencers before - they usually sell cosmetic products, snacks, clothing - usually PMCG in B2C business. During the epidemic, many companies outside of PMCG found it hard to finish orders, not to mention new orders. CEOs, as a result, tended to promote sales in live streaming. Great sales is a piece of exciting news, brand marketing is a great move - During epidemic, say 100 people plan to buy air conditioners, Dong's live streaming show may not make all of them place orders, but she could at least try her best to increase the transition rate. Live broadcasting does not promote consumption long or big, but it can, to some point, gain some market share.




PMCG is doing great in live streaming show, what if I am other ones like B2B business?

The applications and edges of PMCG like clothes, food, cosmetics can be rather easily broadcasted and presented via online software such as Tik Tok, but broadcasting products with a need to show a complex applicability, producing procedures, or instant services will find it hard to fully present its brand charm or products' advantages. Take a furniture enterprise for example, when a customer in a streaming live show want to know further about the texture, material, actual color by taking a closer look, you would not move your PC or a front-facing camera of your phone to show - that's comparatively low quality of image. A camera and an encoder would perfectly solve this.


Shooting with a camera offers HD image, and an encoder easily transmits the video to live streaming platform. (Referring to: How to do a live streaming show on Facebook.) Connect the camera/cameras to an encoder/encoders by wired(SDI interface) or wireless (Wifi/4G), following a few of easy steps and your customers will see a beautiful, smooth and valuable video.


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