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How to Decode and Monitor Multiple NDI ® Video Streams in One Certain Place?

How to Decode and Monitor Multiple NDI ® Video Streams in One Certain Place?

How to Decode and Monitor Multiple NDI ® Video Streams in One Certain Place?


What is NDI protocol and why is it employed in AV market?

NDI (Network Device Interface) is an IP-based network interface protocol. NDI is also a model of low-latency transmission in LAN, with features of low-latency, precise frame video, mutual recognition and communication of data streams. With the rapid development of audio and video technology, IP-based transmission has become a trend. NDI's low latency, professionalism, simple operation and the use of soft guide production and live broadcast have made it be used as a proxy for traditional hardware transmission and production methods such as capture cards, matrixes, and broadcast stations. At present, many TVs at home and abroad have converted the traditional SDI or HDMI cable connection video to NDI Ip-based signals.


For large-scale program production, there are usually many camera images and multiple NDI video signals. As for a director, he/she cannot monitor all the video images in a unified manner. In the past, one can only monitor one channel of images with the method to use NDI Studio Monitor for decoding and monitoring. What if we want to do with multi-screen then?



NDI Studio Monitor for Screen Monitoring

NDI Studio Monitor is a free monitoring software provided by NewTek, which outputs and plays the input NDI signal via NDI Studio Monitor tool. However, NDI Studio Monitor can only play a single screen, and cannot monitor multiple screens.

Note: You can download the "NDI Tools.exe" tool from NDI.TV. Download and then follow the steps to install the NDI tool to the system. After the installation is complete, if the NDI video source is already available on your network, you can start using it.





KV-MultiView screen monitoring

KV-MultiView is an enhanced version of NDI® multi-screen playback software, developed by KILOVIEW. KV-MultiView can access NDI® streams without restriction, with a single window playing 9 NDI® streams at the same time (Customizable with up to 16 channels). You can also customize the multi-screen split display with the size and position of each screen can be adjusted arbitrarily). It supports picture-in-picture, multi-window playback and is compatible with NDI® streams of various specifications such as NDI|HX/Full NDI/4K/HD, and can be widely connected with mobile phones, computers, NDI® encoders, NDI® cameras, NDI® production systems, etc.


For more information, please go here to learn more. In addition, KV-MultiView is provided for free.







NDI Studio Monitor V.S. KV-MultiView

NDI Studio Monitor and KV-MultiView are both NDI decoding monitoring software, also NDI software decoding players. Download and install and then you can start using on your computer.


The differences between NDI Studio Monitor and KV-MultiView:

NDI Studio Monitor only supports single-screen decoding output monitoring, while KV-MultiView can access NDI® streams without restriction, and a single window can simultaneously play 9 channels of NDI® network streams (can be customized to expand to 16 channels), and can also customize multi-screen segmentation Display. More details kindly refer to KV-Multiview  description