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How to make your decision to get NDI® video source from a camera?

How to make your decision to get NDI® video source from a camera?


With the development of NDI® technology and the NDI® ecosystem, more and more users are enjoying the flexibility and power of NDI® as a new transmission for media. As an end-user, the first step would be choosing a camera and makes sure the video source turn to NDI®. 


Currently, there are a few options for end-users to get NDI® source from a camera:


1. Buy an NDI®|HX license. Suppose the end-users have an existing camera, they can either pay a license and upgrade the camera to an NDI®|HX camera, which generally costs at least USD300+. For most of those cameras, what they supported actually is up to 1080p with H.264, and after upgrading, it will be NDI®|HX camera. 


2. Buy an NDI®|HX camera. In the recent two years, more and more PTZ camera manufacturers are providing NDI® cameras on the market. However, most of those available PTZ cameras can only support NDI®|HX. If comparing with buying a PTZ camera without NDI®|HX function, the price difference is USD500+ as manufacturers will need to cover their R&D investment and the NDI® license cost.


3. Buy an NDI® high bandwidth (Full NDI®) camera. Although 90% of the NDI® cameras on the market are NDI®|HX cameras, several brands can provide Full NDI PTZ cameras, but the cost will generally be USD1000+ more if compared with those without NDI®. 


4. Buy an NDI® converter. With the NDI® converter, you can plug in the baseband video to the converter and convert it to NDI®|HX or NDI® high bandwidth. Now there are many brands providing those NDI® converters, and you can easily find one from NDI.TV and Kiloview marketplace, prices vary from USD300 ~USD1000+. 


How to make your decision? 


If you consider the flexibility and cost-effectiveness, the best way is to buy an NDI® converter like U40. The reason is as below:


1. Versatile function all-in-one. There are many options in the market, and some of the converters are really well designed and capable enough to perform a lot more functions. There is one NDI® converter on the market called Kiloview U40, an NDI® converter that can perfectly match your camera and turn it to both NDI® high bandwidth and NDI®|HX, and even SRT.  


Brief introduction for U40: U40 is a real 4K NDI® Encoder that supports 4K P60 HDMI convert to FULL NDI®. At the same time, as most of the cameras on the market now can also output RTSP or RTMP, the U40 can also convert the RTSP/RTMP streams to NDI®| HX or even SRT. 


2.  Easy to use. The Kiloview U40 supports some practical functions like PoE with DC out, which means with only one cable, it can power the converter and the camera. Others like PTZ by IP, Built-in Tally, and camera cold-shoe mounting are also supported, which all make it very easy and convenient to use.


3. Cost-effective. If you consider the total cost, buying a camera without NDI® + a Kiloview U40 is cheaper than buying a built-in NDI®|HX camera, and much much cheaper than Full NDI® camera. At the same time, you can get not only full NDI®, but also NDI®|HX and even SRT, to cover all your possible applications, either live streaming, live production or even remote production.