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Kiloview Assists 2018 Wuhan Houguan Lake Half Marathon

Kiloview Assists 2018 Wuhan Houguan Lake Half Marathon

  On October 28th, the 2018 Wuhan Houguan Lake Half Marathon (hereinafter referred to as "Guanma") was started in Caidian, Wuhan. The competition consisted of two projects: 21.095 km half marathon and 8 km healthy running. As the first half marathon track in Hubei that passed the CAA certification of China Athletics Association, "Guanma" has been held for four consecutive sessions, and its influence is growing stronger. This year, it has reached the scale of 10,000 people.

  Kiloview is a leading provider of webcasting solutions in China and has a good reputation in the domestic live broadcast industry. In this live broadcast event, the HD video decoder is used to decode the live video stream of each network into SDI signals and output it to the command center switcher. The switcher then performs scene switching and broadcasts.

  More than ten years of technology accumulation, with more professional video encoders, video decoders, video converter equipment, Kiloview is a preferably choice for you.