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Kiloview Has Now Served as a Hardware Partner of vMix

Kiloview Has Now Served as a Hardware Partner of vMix


After testing and certification, KILOVIEW has become a vMix strategic partner. 


vMix is a software vision mixer available for the Windows operating system. The software is developed by StudioCoast PTY LTD. Like most vision mixing software, it allows users to switch inputs, mix audio, record outputs, and live stream cameras, videos files, audio, and more, in resolutions of up to 4K. The software is also capable of serving image magnification (IMAG) and projection needs in many instances, with various configurable external output and display options.



vMix hardware requirements

  • System Requirements

  • Grapic Cards


How do you use Kiloview products to work with vMix?

How VMIX Pulls NDI and Outputs NDI

Import the Real-time PPT Screen of Computer B as the Video Source in VMIX

SRT Configuration Guide with vMix ( For Kiloview Encoder/Decoder)

Operation Manual of SRT with Wowza Stream Server


With Kiloview's Hardware and vMix Production Software, you can build a complete, portable, and low-cost video transmission production solution, such as the most popular NDI transmission production scheme, SRT transmission production scheme, etc.

Kiloivew is a hardware manufacturer as well as software developer mainly in the field of IP-Based video transmission, we provide video encoders, video decoders and converters to convert SDI/HDMI (HD or 4K UHD) to IP streams via H.264/H.265/NDI by Ethernet, wifi or even 4G-LTE, etc. or the reverse as a decoder. Currently we support the most protocols in this market (including RTSP, RTMP, HLS, RTP, UDP, SIP, ONVIF, etc., also we support NDI, SRT and Zixi). We have integrated quite a lot of the functions such as intercom, PTZ control, video recording, streaming services in our products, all of which makes us being able to provide the most flexible solutions for customers.


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