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Kiloview NDI|HX Series Video Codecs Can be Upgraded to NDI|HX2

Kiloview NDI|HX Series Video Codecs Can be Upgraded to NDI|HX2



The upgraded version of NDI|HX2 can provide more reliable, lower in latency and more flexible connections. NDI|HX2 shares all the general features of NDI, such as 3 different discovery options (mDNS, NDI access polling and NDI 4 discovery Server), the ability to carry any NDI metadata, and the same control of low-level network transmission (TCP, UDP, multicast, and mTCP). With higher bit rates and HEVC options, NDI|HX2 can provide picture with its quality at FULL NDI level via WiFi.

Kiloview NDI|HX-compatible encoders include N1-SDI wireless encoder, N2-HDMI wireless encoder, E1-SDI wired encoder, E2-HDMI wireless encoder, which can be upgraded to support NDI|HX2.
Note: Versions previous to V4.3.2029 (inclusive) only supports NDI|HX, and its later versions can be upgraded to NDI|HX2.


Kiloview NDI|HX compatible decoders include D300 decoder and MG300 media gateway which support decoding NDI|HX2.
Note:  Version of decoder/media gateway previous to V4.6.2108 (inclusive) does not support decoding NDI| HX2, with later versions support it.