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Live Streaming Can be Pushed to 16 Platforms at the Same Time with Kiloview Codecs

Live Streaming Can be Pushed to 16 Platforms at the Same Time with Kiloview Codecs

Live Streaming Can be Pushed to 16 Platforms at the Same Time with Kiloview Codecs






Now live streaming is increasingly popular especially on almost all social media, e-commerce, and video platforms; Moreover, even famous people and CEO from a company have started to do live broadcasts - of course, they are web-casting to recommend and sell goods. For example, Dong Mingzhu, the chairman of Gree Group from China, started three live shows to promote online sales, with $141 million sales altogether in three live shows!  




If a company also wants to achieve great sales in a live broadcast, it needs to be broadcast on multiple platforms at the same time. For example, youtube, facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. In this case, many influencers choose to use multiple mobile phones at the same time, just like this (pause). In this way, the phone may be not fixed in the right place, or with bad image quality.



So how do you organize a high-quality multi-platform live broadcast? This is what I want to introduce to you today - Kiloview video encoder, which uses only one set of equipment to transmit the videos taken by the camera to various live broadcast platforms in real time. Guess what? It can be pushed to 16 platforms at the same time! This is what I call invincible and powerful box! Ok, let me show you the specific operations.



After getting an encoder, a WEB management page will be provided. After logging in, add the streaming service publishing point under the main code stream and select RTMP streaming. And then click the corresponding setting button to enter the configuration page. Here we need to fill in the RTMP streaming address of the live broadcast platform.

Let’s tak FACEBOOK as an example. After entering its live broadcast page, we find the streaming address and key provided by the platform. Copy the address and key to the encoder pushing point, and then start pushing. We can see on the FACEBOOK page that the live picture taken by our camera is already being broadcast - this shows the live broadcast begins.



With the same way, we can push this video to other platforms, and also fill the platform's address and key into the encoder to start the live broadcast.

So I am not gonna show you one by one here. The main stream has started live broadcasting on eight platforms at the same time



Wait... What about the other eight streaming? Don't worry, pull down to the sub-stream here, you can also open eight live pushing points. Simultaneously push it to 16 live broadcast platforms to achieve multi-platform live broadcast on one device.



Of course, if you want to broadcast 16 platforms at the same time, there are certain requirements for hardware and broadband. Kiloview will also get improved on the way of research and development.