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Low-latency, Low-bandwidth SRT Bonding Encoder Outdoor Live Broadcast Master

Low-latency, Low-bandwidth SRT Bonding Encoder Outdoor Live Broadcast Master

Low-latency, Low-bandwidth SRT Bonding Encoder Outdoor Live Broadcast Master


With the application of high-definition, ultra-high-definition of 4K, 8K, and VR, audio and video transmission technologies are becoming more and more professional. At present, RTMP protocol is commonly-used in live broadcast. RTMP needs to be transferred through a streaming media server, and the delay is generally about 3 seconds. , This kind of transmission method is okay for webcast, but it is unable for video connection/transmission without a platform. Moreover, RTMP only supports H264 at present with the compression rate low, and the bandwidth requirements for network transmission are also very demanding.



If low-latency transmission on the Internet is required, new video transmission technology is a fair way to go- SRT is a new network transmission protocol. Its delay is lower than RTMP and the transmission is more stable. It does not need a streaming media server to transfer, only a matching codec, which can realize point-to-point transmission, and it also supports the H265 compression protocol, which can effectively lower the requirement for network bandwidth.


The high-definition encoder recommended here supports SRT+H.265 encoding transmission. According to testing, h.264 compresses 8M high-definition transmission, using h.265 can be compressed to 4M, and SRT real-time transmission make end-to-end millisecond transmission delay (about 500ms with the lowest as 300ms).


It supports 4G bonding and ongoing 5G communications, and adopts SRT technology solutions to meet future high-definition video transmission requirements. In the future, a video encoder will be equiped to each camera or will be installed in the OB trucks and stations. Not only can long-distance and low-cost transmission be realized, but also it is free from camera connection cables.



Kiloview 4G bonding encoder

  • With SDI and HDMI interface, they can collect signals from most cameras, computers and other equipment;
  • 4 antennas with 3 supporting 4G antennas. Supporting all Netcom;
  • Link aggregation of up to 4 channels of 4G networks with 4 card slots, 3 of which are equipped with 4G cards. A memory card is installed which has the recording function.
  • Comes with Micro SD/TF card slot, also supports USB expansion storage, and supports NAS network storage.
  • Built-in battery lead to free from power connection. Wifi antenna transmission, not only supports 4G aggregation, but also can be used as WIFI to provide aggregate wireless network for other devices, same like a wireless router. (Wired network is also supported. If you have a more stable and high-speed network, of course you don’t need 4G aggregation- You can connect to WIFI and wired networks.);
  • Two 3.5 sound jacks, support separate sound collection and sound monitoring. The device comes with a mobile phone APP, which can realize remote calls, and the TALLY device can be omitted;
  • The device also has a 485 interface, which can be connected to the PTZ;
  • Free server-side software is provided; no additional server costs are required.