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NOTICE! Frequently Asked Questions About our Decoders (2)

NOTICE! Frequently Asked Questions About our Decoders (2)


1 After video source has been ddded, why is there no video output? 

After the video source is added, it does not start decoding. You need to drag the video source to the output window. The stream status is displayed as "Connecting" means the decoder starts trying to decode, and the stream status is displayed as "Display / Push Stream" means the connection is normal. 


2 The video source is already decoded normally, why can't I see the picture on the WEB page of the device? 

The decoder's WEB page is just an operation page without previewing the screen. 
You need to connect its SDI / HDMI / DVI interface to the monitor to watch the decoding effect.


3 The decoder can decode the IP format stream, but not the domain name format stream. What is the problem? 

First, check whether the decoder can reach the domain name address; second, check whether the decoder DNS settings are correct. 


4 When decoding a video source it always shows "Connecting", what should I do? 

First of all, you need to confirm whether the decoding address is correct. You can use VLC on the computer to test whether it can be played normally. Second, confirm whether the decoder's IP address is configured correctly to ensure that the decoder and the video source are reachable from the network; Last, you can adjust slightly the buffer delay parameter to see if it can be decoded. 


5 When the decoder receives the SRT stream, if you select the listener mode, you only need to configure the listening port number. So which IP address does the connection initiator need to call? 

The IP address of the decoder's Ethernet port is the IP address monitored by its SRT. When the connection initiator is connected from the local area network, you can directly call the decoder's Ethernet port IP address and listening port; When the connection initiator is connected from the Internet, if the decoder maps the port to the public network through the router / firewall , you need to call to map to the public network IP and port of the Internet; If the decoder's Ethernet port is directly set to the public network IP address, you can call its public network IP and port number. 


6 After setting the resolution and outputting 1080P59.94, 1080P60 is detected on the back end, why is that? 

Check whether SDI and HDMI are selected in the same decoding box at the same time. All resolutions marked with SDI are only valid on the SDI output interface. On HDMI / VGA and other interfaces, the output will be set as figure that is closest to the resolution mentioned above, such as 1080P 59.94Hz displayed as 1080P 60Hz. 
If the output is on multiple interfaces and an interface cannot support the specified resolution (for example, 4K resolution cannot be supported on SDI), the system will automatically select a resolution that can be supported by multiple interfaces instead. 


7 What should I do if the display color is abnormal when decoding HDMI output to the monitor? 

As some monitors support different color space, the display sometimes seem abnormal, which can be modified in the decoding output settings.