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New function | Stream ID function of the SRT encoder

New function | Stream ID function of the SRT encoder



SRT transmission across network requires a public IP. When you need to send multiple SRT media streams to the same SRT receiver, one way is to do multiple port forwarding under the same IP address (one port corresponds to one stream).Today, I will introduce you another way - the Stream ID function, namely, setting a port under the same IP address, and then configure a different Stream ID (one ID corresponds to one stream), so you can achieve “multiple sending and one receiving”.


All SRT encoders from Kiloview support the Sream ID function. The specific operation can be divided into two steps: the encoder pushes the stream to set the Stream ID, and the SRTMiniServer pulls the stream for decoding.



1. Set the Stream ID of the encoder

First, we open the web page of the encoder and add three streaming media services in the main stream options. Select SRT-TS push in Service Types. Then we set parameters and start the pushing service. Set Caller in the handshake mode, set the IP address at the receiving end, at the port set the corresponding listening port of the receiving end. The port number can be filled in from 1025 to 65535. Here, the port number of the three SRT streams can be set as 9001. The SRT stream ID can be set as abc1, streamkey2XJB and streamkey3YQV. After setting, click Save to open the SRT stream and start pushing.


2. SRTMiniServer pulls stream and decodes

Open SRTMiniServer, click on the localnet page, here we can find IP address and the port of the device, which can be corresponding filled in our encoders’ SRT streaming address and port. Let’s look downwards. There are 12 windows in total numbered #1-#12 respectively. Right beside is the Stream id. We now modify the Stream id of the first three windows to the same Stream id as the three SRT streams. After setting, click the start button on the right, connect the SRT stream. Click on the Preview button on the right side, and it will display the real-time picture of media streaming.



Kiloview hardware encoders are compatible with SRT Mini Server




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