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Facebook Updated Graphic Overlay in Live Streaming: Producers Get More Pro in Epidemic
Earlier in March, Facebook updated it’s new features in light of live streaming for producers, including graphic overlays and featured comments. As you can see, users now can see a “graphics” tab in Live Producer, where you could add various types of graphic overlays on your streaming. According to Facebook, You can add a news sticker that scrolls along the bottom of the broadcast;You can highlight viewer comments on top of the stream; You can run polls, and display viewer results in real-time; A new 'Feature Link' option for your live-streams is also added.
Why are people using video encoder for live streaming/webcasting?
Many people do not get it why we use HD video encoders. In fact, in live video broadcasting, there are various ways to do live streaming. Among them the most common one is to use a mobile phone to broadcast. Although the operation steps are simple and convenient, the clarity and smoothness of the picture find it hard to satisfy. What should I do if I want to broadcast a large party or event, such as the company's annual meeting? At this time we need a professional, high-quality live video broadcast, the basic equipment goes to a high-definition camera + video encoder.
How to connect NDI Encoders to OBS
How to add NDI stream to OBS? For people engaged in post-production for video, OBS is a mainly-used tool. How to connect NDI to NDI remains a big thing in this area. 1. First ensure you have installed OBS software in a right way. 2. Open the OBS software, click in the free area of ​​"Source" on the right, or click "+" in the lower left corner until the "Add" option pops up to display a list of video sources available for added, such as images, scenes, and media sources Wait. If the item "NDI source" is not displayed, the obs-ndi plug-in needs to be installed.
Kiloview NDI|HX Series Video Codecs Can be Upgraded to NDI|HX2
Kiloview NDI|HX-compatible encoders include N1-SDI wireless encoder, N2-HDMI wireless encoder, E1-SDI wired encoder, E2-HDMI wireless encoder, which can be upgraded to support NDI|HX2. ( Right now NDI|HX decoders such as D300 decoder and MG300 media gateway support decoding NDI|HX2.
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New product preview| Multi-protocol IP decoder - D600 All-round 4K decoder
D600 all-round decoder is the most multifunctional and widely used embedded hardware decoding device of Kiloview. Support various NDI and H.265/H.264 video stream decoding, 4K UHD video resolution, and multi-image splitting. Moreover, it also supports the conversion of other network protocols into FULL NDI video streams to facilitate the joining of various video streams to the NDI system.
How to Start a Professional Live Stream on Facebook with Kiloview Encoders (Detailed Steps)
If you want to do a high-definition and high-quality live stream on Facebook with your own camera featuring ultra low latency, you can go with these steps.