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Professional Surgical Teaching Host and Terminals

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It can realize multi-scenarios video and audio interaction between operating room and remote demonstration classrooms, with live broadcast and recording functions.
Kiloview can provide professional teaching hosts and terminals for medical industry, realizing multi-scenarios real-time interaction between operating room and remote demonstration classroom.
Teaching host is deployed in the operating room, all video signals in the operating room, such as signals from laparoscopic/ shadowless camera/ surgery field camera/ ultrasound/ microscopy equipment, as well as the voice signal of the instructor, can be encoded as IP streams to the remote classrooms, or other mobile terminals. On the other hand, it can also receive and select the video and voice which is sent back from the terminals to realize video and voice interaction. It also supports live broadcast and recording functions.
The demonstration terminal can be deployed in remote classrooms, or other interactive terminals such as the doctor’s office. It can simultaneously receive multiple network video/audio signal of the teaching host and select to play a certain screen or multiple screens. On the other hand, it can transmit the video/audio from the classrooms or doctor’s offices to the operating room for remote interaction with the operating room. It also supports webcast and recording. The above system is also applicable for healthcare communications.
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