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RTSP/UDP/RTMP Protocol Conversion Gateway - Streaming Media Distribution Solution

RTSP/UDP/RTMP Protocol Conversion Gateway - Streaming Media Distribution Solution

RTSP/UDP/RTMP Protocol Conversion Gateway - Streaming Media Distribution Solution

Video protocol gateways usually convert protocol between network areas that use different protocols. Video gateways are also called protocol converters. Video gateways have a wide range of application scenarios. If you need to convert RTSP/Onvif and other LAN monitoring or other IP-Camera video to RTMP Internet live broadcast such as scenic spot monitoring live broadcast, gourmet shop monitoring live broadcast, campus monitoring live broadcast, breeding factory monitoring live broadcast, etc. or the monitoring protocol needs to be transferred to the GB-T28181 public security network. (Connecting traditional surveillance such as residential areas, parks, enterprises and institutions to the Skynet system of the Ministry of Public Security, etc.) or converting protocols such as SRT/RTSP/UDP/RTMP/HLS into SRT/RTSP/RTMP, etc.


Kiloview MG300 media gateway is an embedded multifunctional gateway device, which can integrate core functions such as streaming media protocol conversion, streaming media distribution service, multi-channel video decoding, and video multi-screen segmentation. It can be applied to different systems and different Manufacturers, different types, and different encodings of video content carry out format conversion, protocol intercommunication, decoding output, and split display. At the same time, it can also realize the function of streaming media server with less than 50 concurrent access capabilities.




Media Gateway Equipment



Support simultaneous 9-channel streaming media protocol conversion

●Support SRT/NDI/RTSP/UDP/RTMP/HLS and other protocols, convert to SRT/RTSP/RTMP protocol, support customized SIP/GB-T28281 protocol conversion;

●Support up to 9 input video streams for protocol conversion at the same time (media source can be dynamically switched, unlimited number), and each input stream can be converted into 4 different target protocol stream outputs, or 4 same protocol stream outputs;

●Customizable USB expansion SATA storage, or NAS network storage.


Support 50-channel RTSP, 36-channel RTMP or SRT concurrency (streaming media distribution/live broadcast)

●RTSP transmission can satisfy 50 concurrent users watching at the same time, can be directly used as a distributed live server, suitable for live broadcast occasions such as courseware/conference/program/digital signage.

(Note: The actual number of concurrency depends on the specific network bandwidth, video format and other factors, and the device transmission limit does not exceed 600Mbps.)

●Support up to 36 channels of RTMP live broadcast and SRT transmission at the same time.


Support up to 9 channels of video decoding, split display, dynamic switching, and split screen re-encoding transmission/live broadcast (transcoding)

●Support UHD(4K)/HD H.264/H.265 video decoding, support up to 9 channels of 1080P30Hz and below H.264/H.265 video decoding;

●Support 9 channels of video 1/2/3/4/6/9 split display, dynamic switching output;

●At the same time, it also supports re-encoding the segmented and recombined video for web live broadcast/transmission. The image supports up to 1080P60H.264 encoding;

●The device comes with HDMI and SDI dual interfaces, supporting the same content or different content output of HDMI and SDI;

●Support HDMI/SDI embedded audio and analog audio output.