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SDI higher standard - Why would I know 12G SDI?

SDI higher standard - Why would I know 12G SDI?



As application environments such as broadcast, live events or so have an increasingly higher standard towards bandwidth, the SDI standard has witnessed contintous evolving. There are a number of 12G SDI products in the market but what is 12G SDI? Why is 12G SDI?


What are the benefits of 12G SDI?
SDI has a number of advantages compared to other interfaces and standards for transmitting professional video and audio including
Cable lengths
Optical fiber
Physical connector (connectivity)
Fully uncompressed audio and video
Time-code embedded
Latency free
ANC data support (Ancillary)
Rather low Cost
Besides, it supports uncompressed, latency-free distribution of signals over the coaxial cable with cable lengths that are unrivalled by the competition.
Supports ANC (ancillary data) which is used in broadcast systems. These data packets are distributed in either the vertical or horizontal blanking region of the signal.
And last, but absolutely not least, the cost of an SDI cable is typically lower than comparable cables such as HDMI, since the SDI cable is a standard coaxial cable (RG-6).
In addition to the above-mentioned support of higher resolutions in 12G SDI, 12G reduces system complexity in a 4K workflow. Instead of 4 x 3G SDI cables to get 4K, you need a single 12G SDI cable.
What could 12G-SDI seeks for better?
It's known that having 12G input is different from having a system that is flexible and can support both in and output (bidirectional SDI interface). Deltacast has brought a highly innovative solution for 12G SDI capture and playout to market. Their DELTA-12G-elp-h 2C has eight independent channels that can be used either as inputs or as outputs. Two channels support up to 12G SDI and the others up to 3G SDI.
There are many applications where a bidirectional SDI interface adds value, and the media server market is a prime example. It’s especially true for the rental, staging and live events teams, where no two gigs are the same. A media server with the flexibility of combining 12G and 3G, having them as inputs on one gig and outputs on the other – now that is unrivalled flexibility!
What does Kiloview do for SDI?
In response to the market's strong demand for 12G SDI to NDI,Kiloview has launched a high-end professional single-chain 12G-SDI to NDI encoder/decoder - N30.It features, 
Support single-chain 12G SDI and FULL NDI bidirectional conversion, dual-use in one machine;
Support Tally display, PoE power supply, PTZ control, 12G SDI loop out, camera cold shoe installation and more practical functions;
The end-to-end delay is as low as tens of milliseconds, and it is small and portable and fits in your pocket.
Product display (small and convenient)
Kiloview NDI Family
N30: Single chain 12G-SDI and FULL NDI bidirectional conversion
N20: 4K HDMI and FULL NDI bidirectional conversion (including HD version)
N3:  3G-SDI and FULL NDI bidirectional conversion
N1/N2: HD wireless version of NDI | HX encoder
D300: Multi-picture NDI | HX decoder