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Stream Media Encoder is the Best for Paperless Video Conferencing

Stream Media Encoder is the Best for Paperless Video Conferencing


Whether for a video conferencing looking for new business opportunities or online interview in which more employers join, even monthly/quarterly meeting between headquarter and subsidiaries, smooth-going and high-definition image without much delay would be HR department’s top concern.  Paper-less conferencing is increasingly a crucial demand with its outstanding confidential, effective, cost-less edges.


With streaming media hardware device’s NDI solution, in a interview multi cameras can be set up to show employers’ real time interaction with candidates, which a professional interview desires with a wider camera shooting area. With SRT solution, a video meeting on software like Zoom find it easy to get rid of video image compression for SRT’s point-to-point transmission - a clear image will help meeting among subsidiaries well present key metrics and notes from leadership.  



At present, no matter enterprises, government or education, paperless office shows extremely broad application prospect, and the advantages of high resolution, high frame rate and low bandwidth of streaming media transmission equipment are suitable for paperless video meeting. Streaming media encoders are mainly used to compress video to reduce the bandwidth required to transmit video streams, or to reduce the storage space required to archive video files. For paperless video conference, it is sound to use H.264 streaming media video encoder.


Application scenario

H.264 streaming media video encoder can be used for docking of paperless conference system or external video equipment to realize the interconnection of video signals. At the same time, the real-time video recorded by the front-end camera of branches can be transmitted to the head office.


Paperless office video transmission solution

High-quality 1080P60 image quality

H.264 streaming media video encoder under the low broadband network like 1-2Mb could easily achieve a resolution of 1080P60. If the front-end camera is 4K UHD you could look for H.265 compatible codecs under the same bandwidth to achieve video playback higher than 1080P30 to 1080P60 or even 4k, greatly improving interaction and picture quality.


Less delay, more efficient and faster going

Kiloview H.264 series high-definition encoder can be widely used in real-time classrooms, video conferences, live video and other fields. It adopts H.264 video encoding and AAC audio encoding to achieve high-quality video and audio encoding at low bit rates and can support NDI and SRT low-latency transmission technology along with HD/SD-SDI, HDMI and other high standard definition video input.