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Thought Camera Shooting Equals to Horizontal Image? Check it Here

Thought Camera Shooting Equals to Horizontal Image? Check it Here


With the upsurge of online live broadcasting, the vertical screen live broadcasting has become a trend. At present, vertical screen images taken by mobile phones are used more often. What about camera shooting then? Here are two solutions below.





Solution A - Video Image Cropping

The vertical-screen live broadcast of camera can be easily realized through the cutting function of Kiloview encoders.


Go to web management end of Kiloview encoders, click on the Video Pre-processing to turn on the video source image cropping function, which can easily get vertical live broadcast image.






Solution B - Video rotation coding

The vertical screen live broadcast of professional equipment can be achieved through the rotation function of Kiloview encoder.


Put the camera on an L-shaped bracket for vertical picture shooting, and then go to management page of Kiloview encoder. Click the Video Pre-processing and turn on the picture rotation function then we easily achieve the vertical live broadcast of camera.