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What Equipments Shall I Choose While Doing a Professional Live Broadcast to Sell Goods?

What Equipments Shall I Choose While Doing a Professional Live Broadcast to Sell Goods?

What Equipments Shall I Choose While Doing a Professional Live Broadcast to Sell Goods?

Webcasting era is really here. At present with the rapid development of the online live broadcast market, bosses, entrepreneurs, celebrities and KOLs from all walks of life have settled in various live broadcast platforms to bring goods online.
As a brand-new social platform, live broadcast is also more and more popular among netizens, because live broadcast is a more intuitive and interactive social mode, which is the fundamental reason why social platforms are so keen on live broadcast.
Everyone is doing webcasting, and it seems easy to do it. A mobile phone, several people including a speaker and a site controler, you can conduct a live broadcast.But a good, standardized and professional live broadcast is not easy.
Mobile live broadcast is broadcast using mobile 4G network. Although the operation is simple and the investment cost is low, the quality of mobile live broadcast cannot be guaranteed - the sound and quality of mobile broadcast not being clear enough, easy to shake, not flexible shooting angle and shooting scene.
Professional webcast equipment
It is very important to choose professional live broadcast equipments to gain better fans impress audience.
There are three major pieces of professional live broadcast equipment: video capture equipment, video encoder, and live broadcast platform.
A high-definition camera is recommend for professional webcasting. In most scenarios, only 1-2 high-definition cameras are enough to obtain high-definition video images.
Video encoders are essential for live webcasting. The original video must be compressed by the encoder and transmitted in high-definition video via wired or wireless wifi.
The compressed video information will be much smaller than the original, reducing the video transmission time. And the network high-definition encoder can transmit images at high speed under high resolution, and can transmit higher quality video to the live broadcast platform under limited bandwidth.
Webcast encoder
Kiloview video encoders can simultaneously stream video to 16 live broadcast platforms, and also support vertical screen live broadcast. You only need to use the encoder cropping function and rotation function to achieve mobile phone vertical screen viewing.
When you want to broadcast the video source of the camera vertically and meet the viewing experience of your mobile phone, you can use Kiloview HD encoder solution.
Live video from horizontal to vertical
In the future, under the background of the Internet + 5G, the use of live webcasting will become more common. People are particularly eager to receive real-time information, and live broadcast can accurately connect with the public's demand. The age of live broadcasters is not far away only when you have a set of professional equipment. Kiloview is a professional video IP transmission solution service provider, focusing on technical research and innovation, providing professional-grade ultra-high-definition video encoding, decoding, transmission, format conversion and streaming media services, a full set of software and hardware solutions.