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What is Media Gateway

What is Media Gateway


Media gateway (abbreviated as MG), provides media mapping and/or trans-coding functions between different networks. It is a device that converts data from a format required by one type of network to another type of network. It can also be a protocol conversion device. The main function of the media gateway is to convert different types of access methods into RTP/RTCP streams suitable for transmission on the IP network.


For example, the media gateway can be switched between the bearer channel of the circuit-switched network and the media stream of the packet network. The media gateway terminates the bearer control protocol. It provides a two-way interface for mutual communication between related entities of different media networks. The media gateway needs to support a variety of different control protocols, and it should be easy to implement the maintenance, monitoring, and management functions of the media gateway.


Media gateway application scenarios

If you need to transfer RTSP/Onvif and other LAN monitoring or other IP-Camera video to RTMP-based Internet live broadcast;

Or RTSP/Onvif and other local area network monitoring to GB-T28181 public security network;

Or conventional protocols such as UDP/RTSP/RTMP, to NDI HX/SRT and other industry-specific protocols;

Or a single channel RTSP video stream is concurrently accessed by 50 users on the back-end;

Or push the stream after multiple network streams are combined on the screen;

Or dual network ports, one to receive external network video, and one to transfer to internal network for transmission;

And so on, can be realized by using a media gateway.




Kiloview MG300 media gateway is an embedded multi-functional video gateway device, which can not only realize the conversion of video protocol, but also has the decoding function, which can realize the streaming media server function with the ability of concurrent access within 50 channels (at the same time by 50 users) .

●Support SRT/NDI/RTSP/UDP/RTMP/HLS and other protocols, convert to SRT/RTSP/RTMP protocol, support customized SIP/GB-T28281 protocol conversion;

●Support up to 9 channels of video decoding, split display, dynamic switching, and split screen re-encoding transmission/live broadcast (trans-coding);

●The device comes with HDMI and SDI dual interfaces, supporting the same content or different content output of HDMI and SDI;

●At the same time, it also supports re-encoding the segmented and reorganized video for web live broadcast/transmission, and the image supports up to 1080 P60 H.264 encoding;