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Why are people using video encoder for live streaming/webcasting?

Why are people using video encoder for live streaming/webcasting?


Many people do not know what the HD encoder is used for.


In fact, in live video broadcasting, there are various ways  to do live. Among them the most common one is to use a mobile phone to broadcast. Although the operation steps are simple and convenient, the clarity and smoothness of the picture find it hard to satisfy.

What should I do if I want to broadcast a large party or event, such as: the company's annual meeting? At this time we need a professional, high-quality live video broadcast, the basic equipment goes to a high-definition camera + video encoder.

The role of the encoder is critical. It mainly compresses the audio and video signals collected by the front-end camera, and then transmits them to the live broadcast platform in real time through the network.

Imagine that in ordinary life, we can take a video using a camera with file’s size over 1 gigabyte or even dozens of gigabytes. How can we transmit the huge video data for a few hours of live events?

This depends on the powerful H.264/H.265 encoding function of the encoder, which can compress the SDI/HDMI base-band signal in high-definition or 4K format into a network stream of several Megabytes or dozens with surely high definition of the picture quality and smooth fluency. In this regard, all audience can watch at different terminals - phone, PC, or Pad, which is convenient for everyone to receive the most fresh and interesting videos. The encoder has a wide range of applications. In short, it can be used only if there is a live broadcast requirement, including live broadcast of radio and television programs, video conferencing, education industry, and web-casting.