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Multi-Party Video Collaboration System

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Product description

Multi-Party Video

Collaboration System


---Embedded without MCU

● Low Cost

● Diverse Interfaces

● Powerful Functions

● Easy-to-use

Kiloview Multi-party Video Collaboration System

This system is consisted of two or more embedded terminals. Through simple installation and 

There are two types of terminal devices: MS2 and MS4. MS2 supports 2CH physical audio& video inputs and outputs, 


Feature 1:  SDI and DVI(HDMI/VGA Compatible)can output the same or different contents.


networking (automatic discovery between terminals), the system can realize such business 

functions as multi-party audio and video collaboration, recording, OSD and live streaming without 

a Micro Control Unit (MCU) under the mode of multi-screen split. It can be widely applied to 

medical teaching, telemedical, remote learning, video conference, interactive program production  

and other multi-party audio and video collaboration scenarios.

MS4 supports 4CH physical audio& video inputs and 2CH physical audio and video outputs (interface customization 

Feature 2:  RCA audio can be freely selected and embedded into any physical input interface.



Customized window diagram

Feature 3: Support cropping, rotating(portrait), color 



Live streaming and other stream media service

Multi-screen session video with the mixed audio can be displayed 


Feature 6: IP input or output streams from all terminals can be  

on the screen,  and RTSP/ RTMP streaming services also available.

Session image can overlay Logo/ background/ image/ text and self- 


defined border display is available.   


customized in special protocols including SIP/SRT/NDI-HX/  




Graphic overlay diagram


Cost-effective: It can be realized without MCU,  




Stable and reliable: Consist of multi-embedded  


Powerful functions: Numbers of video accesses with  


Easy operation: Auto-discovery among all terminals,  


Performance advantages 

which is convenient for deployment.


various function of session live streaming. Full network  

protocols supported and many extensible functions.


hardware, ensuring long-time stable working. 


easy-to-use interface, equipped with OLED display. Web  


interface can be remotely operated on PC/iPad/Android  





Multi-party audio and video collaboration

All terminals support local audio and video (auto access), remote terminal audio and video (auto discovery) 



Recording function diagram

Feature 7: Support the recording of the video of any 



and other UDP / RTMP / RTSP / RTP / HLS / HTTP IP audio and video access (manual adding). It supports up 


to 32CH video streams, any 9CH can be switched and displayed, and all the audio can be self-defined as  


on/off /mixed, to realize audio and video interaction among different terminals. 


adjustment and image noise reduction for local video

Feature 4: Automatic discovery among local network 


terminals while under Internet it is performed through 

Kiloview integrated management platform. 


Feature 5: User-defined display with display number,

position and size within 9 screens, Pop up play supported in  

full screen mode.

 All the devices support recording of local input video 


and two physical output videos, online playback and  


download, built-in dual 2.5 inch SATA hot-plug disk  


port and disk replacing during recording. NAS  


recording storage is available for customization.  



participant or third-party access of the session.


Multi-party conversation diagram

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