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Video Encoders

Various options for cost-effective or high-end professional applications


    Low-cost or dual input high-end professional video encoders.


    Model No. : E1、E2、M2
    Network Support : RJ-45 Ethernet
    Resolutions : Up to 1080P60
    Protocols: SRT/RTMP/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP/Onvif/SIP


    Most professional and cost-effective video encoders.


    Model No. : G1、G2
    Input : SDI、HDMI
    Network Support : WIFI/ Ethernet
    Resolutions : Up to 1080P60
    Protocols: SRT/RTMP/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP/Onvif/SIP


    Professional device for outdoor live broadcast.


    Model No. : P1、P2
    Input : HDM、VGA+HDMI
    Network Support : 4 CH 4G bonding/ WIFI/ USB-extend Ethernet
    Resolutions : Up to 1080P60
    Protocols: SRT/RTMP/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP/Onvif/SIP


    Professional NDI video production front-end device.


    Model No. : N1、N2、N20
    Input : SDI、HDMI
    Network Support : WIFI/ USB-extend Ethernet
    Resolutions : Up to 4K
    Protocols: NDI-HX/SRT/RTMP/TS over UDP/HLS/SIP(N20 don’t support SRT)

  • 4K H.265 ENCODERS

    Ultra High Definition(UHD) video encoding device.


    Model No. : S2
    Input : HDMI
    Network Support : RJ-45 Ethernet
    Resolutions : Up to 4K P30


    Rack-mounted professional encoding equipment.


    Model No. : U1-1、U2-1、U1-4、U2-4、R1-32、R2-32
    Input : 1U 1 CH SDI、1U 1 CH HDMI、1U 4CH SDI、1U 4CH HDMI、3U 32CH SDI、3U 32CH HDMI
    Network Support : RJ-45 Ethernet
    Resolutions : Up to 1080P60
    Protocols: SRT/RTMP/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP/Onvif/SIP,NDI,GB/T28181

Portable outdoor live broadcast

Kiloview P series 4G bonding encoders with small compact (400g) appearance and stable erformance, equipped with internal battery, can be connected to the camera via hot shoe, to encode SDI signal into IP stream. Through 4G bonding network, the outdoor l ive interview video is stablely transmitted to the production center in high definition. At the production center, Kiloview HD decoders can be equipped and the IP signal can be decoded into SDI signal to be synchronized and produced.

Remote program production transmission

High cost and many cables in live show? Kiloview offers a flexible and cost-effective solution to help you solve this issue. Through Kiloview high-definition encoders, the multicamera program signal can stablely be transmitted to the broadcast production center through IP network (public network or private line), while the production center is equipped with Kiloview HD video ecoders, which can decode IP streams into SDI signal, synchronously produced then broadcast.

SDI signal conversion

In the process of broadcast production, Kiloview offers professional SDI signal converters, which can convert SDI signal to HDMI/ VGA/CVBS signal with high quality, no color distortion while frame rate and resolution conversion compatible. 

Program production monitoring

In big show site, each camera is equipped with one Kiloview encoder, connecting via LAN or private line; in the director monitoring center, Kiloview HD decoder can be configured to decode the low-latency video from different sites into SDI...

Studio NDI encoding solution

With the help of Kiloview-based NDI converter, it’s no need to have complicated SDI cables in the studio, through LAN, video can be captured with ultra low-latency and go for post production. 

Network live streaming

For multi-camera programs, such as marathon events, Kiloview can provide 4G bonding encoders (video transmitter) and HD decoders (video receiver) to transmit video from each camera to the console station in real time (hardware console ...

Upgrade record and stream unit to wireless solution

Kiloview can provide wireless encoders with compact size and stable performance (G series Wifi encoders or P series 4G bonding encoders, can transfer video from cameras to record and stream unit), which can be used with the record and stream device in pair to realize the recording system upgrading from wired to wireless at low cost. 

Encoding main board equipped for record and stream device

With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of encoding and streaming, Kiloview has the ability to provide main board (including 4K encoding and recording board) for your record and stream device according to your requirement which can reduce your development cycle and save your R&D cost. 

Low-cost multimedia courseware recording/ live streaming solution


Kiloview can provide professional VGA/HDMI input encoder which can push the multimedia courseware to campus network with the purpose of regular courses recording which can replace the record and stream device to make the project cheaper. 

Upgrading remote interactive teaching solution 

Kiloview video decoders can be installed in various classrooms, which pull streams from the internet and then decode it and output on large screens in local classrooms, through which, it is available for teachers and students to view the remote interactive teaching content. Meanwhile, Kiloview can also provide a multi-sources interactive unit which included functions of video & audio encoding, decoding and stream switching, which can be integrated into your systems. 

Professional surgical teaching host and terminals

Kiloview can provide professional teaching hosts and terminals for medical industry, realizing multi-scenarios real-time interaction between operating room and remote demonstration classroom. Teaching host is deployed in the operating...

Basic surgical demonstration teaching solution

Kiloview also provides basic and low cost surgical teaching solutions that deploys a video encoder in the operating room. The video that needs to be demonstrated in the operating room, such as laparoscopic/ shadowless camera/ surgery field...

SDI Video conversion 

Kiloview provides broadcast grade SDI video converters which support SDI and HDMI/VGA/CVBS/YPbPr mutual conversion, using high quality 10bit YUV4:2:2 conversion solution, there is no color distortion. It can be carried out on video format for up/down conversion, frame rate conversion, color conditioning, image enhancement and image transformation ratio for selective adjustment. It is wide applicable in high-end medical industry.

Emergency command, public security criminal investigation/ inspection video transmission

Kiloview provides P series 4G bonding encoders with small compact appearance and stable performance, which can encode the live videos such as emergency scenes, public security criminal investigation sites and inspection sites and transmit to...

Submarine video transmission

Kiloview configured multiple sets of customized video encoders (customized according to the cabin 

Airport security video transmission

Transmitting images of the airport security equipment to the central monitoring center

Video satellite transmission

By optimizing the TCP/IP protocol of traditional encoder, Kiloview developed a special type of satellite live 


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