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What are the benefits of video encoder?

What are the benefits of video encoder?



Video encoders, as a great partner of video edits and transmission, convert analog or digital video to another digital video format for delivery to a decoder. For television broadcast, video encoders will typically input SDI as an uncompressed digital video signal into H. (See: What is a Video Encoder)





Before we talk about the benefits of video encoder, say you have already known that video is composed of continuously displayed pictures, and a picture is composed of many small pixels horizontally and vertically. So how much data does the common 1080P60 video have? Let's do the Math:


1920 width x 1080 height x 60 frames = 124416000 pixels per second


There will be a lot of additional information in the video transmission to ensure the compatibility of the front and back device identification, as a result, it is calculated that in the SDI interface to transmit a 1080P60 signal requires a bandwidth of 3G. How much data is this? - It is 30 times the fastest 100M optical fiber in a family.


So how do we watch full HD 1080 online video on a computer or iPad? The answer is to use video compression technology, of which the commonly-used H.264 video compression algorithm can easily compress the video bandwidth by more than 100 times, with 1080P60 videos compressed to 8M bit rate get similar effect to the original one.



Take Kiloview G2 HD encoder as an example, the 1080P60 video signal played by DVD is connected to the device via HDMI interface. The compression processing chip inside G2 encoder compresses the video, and the compressed data stream is output to the computer by network cable. Using a player software such as VLC (see referral: How does VLC Receive the SRT Stream of Kiloview HD Encoder ) on the computer to display the video.