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In addition to decoding, MG300(Media Gateway) can convert protocols (up to 9 protocols at a time with streaming  separated) into SRT, RTMP, RTSP ( Onvif can be customized)
Can N4 support encoding and decoding  simultaneously?
Answer: No. N4 supports both encoding/decoding functions, but it can only work in one mode at a time, and the function can be switched through the WEB interface.
Can N4 series products handle NDI|HX stream?
Answer: No. N4 can only handle Full NDI streams. The NDI|HX stream is actually a variant of the H.264 stream and needs to be decoded using H.264 decoder such as D300.

With the universal use of 4K technology, the HDMI 2.0 has enhanced support for 4K UHD transmission with supporting to 3840×2160 resolution.
With the great enhancement in the support for 4K ultra high-definition transmission, it improves multiple video and audio technologies.
What is the differences between SRT and NDI. The low latency of SRT refers to the low latency of transmitting protocols such as RTMP in the Internet environment, and the minimum delay can reach milliseconds. The low latency of NDI refers to the low latency of transmitting protocols such as RTSP in LAN environment. The minimum can reach the millisecond level.
The RTSP protocol is the earliest video transmission protocol. The advantage of the RTSP protocol is that it can control video frames, so it can carry applications with high real-time performance.

The RTMP protocol is a network protocol for real-time data communication, and audio, video, and data communication between streaming media/interactive servers.

The SRT protocol has been extended and customized on the basis of UDT, with network transmission packet loss detection/delay control/video encryption.
SRT protocol is high-quality, low-latency, and secure live videos. Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is a royalty-free, open-source video transport protocol that supports low-latency, high-performance streaming, over noisy or unpredictable networks such as the public internet.
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